The Secrets of All Secrets

Literary Titan Silver Award; Finalist: Independent Author Network Best Book Awards; Finalist: Book Island Literary Award.

From Reviews:

“A great read!..From the first word on the page this story will grab ahold of the reader while taking them on a long mysterious and hilarious ride that keeps you turning pages, pushing to see what happens next.”

“This book is a hoot. Lively dialogue, eccentric characters, intentionally corny wordplay, lots of zany action–a thoroughly delightful read.”

“Wells blends the ironic with wry humor and never misses a point to push the absurdity of his tale a little farther, as if encouraging the reader to do the same.”

“This rollicking road trip may call to mind other road narratives of the era, from John Barth to Tom Robbins to Ken Kesey (Wells’ novel even features a mint-condition 1969 red-and-white VW van)…The reader is drawn in, hooked from the outset, on this quest in search of a mystery, the promise of the revelation of the Secrets of all Secrets.”

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