The Unicorn Tree

A teenage girl whose brother is lost at sea—the diary of a nineteenth-century woman—and the special place that binds them…

Lisa Duncan, a seventeen-year-old high school senior, has an assignment to tour a historic site and write a report about it. She chooses Mirabelle Manor, a large estate overlooking the ocean, built by a nineteenth-century sea captain for his wife, Mirabelle. During the tour, Lisa thinks Mirabelle’s portrait is watching her. One of the items on display is a diary, open to a passage about going to a place called the unicorn tree to watch for ships. This appeals to her because her brother is currently on a commemorative voyage sailing across the Atlantic. When news arrives that his ship is lost at sea, Lisa’s interest in the diary changes from curiosity to determination in hopes of discovering what happened to him.

The story is part maritime adventure, part historic fiction, and part ghost story as it weaves back and forth from present day to 19th century.

The Unicorn Tree is a remarkable achievement…I kept reading not just because I had to, but because I wanted to. It’s a real page tuner.”  Barbara Stretton, author of the Tori Trotter Mysteries

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