Consenting Adults Only

The novel’s protagonist is Las Vegas Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Joshua Luvkin, a nice, upstanding guy from the Midwest – with a few problems.
— He falls in love with nurse Barbara Wilson, which leads to his breaking up with girlfriend Dr. Judy Berkowitz, also an emergency medicine physician. Barbara moves in. Judy shows up. What ensues is remindful of Fatal Attraction.
— He meets Jack Strawn, an obese guy who enters quickie weight reduction contests, aka The Biggest Loser, but via a bathroom break and not from dieting. This somehow leads to his investment in a Las Vegas cable porn show…and more publicity than he ever wanted.
— He is sued for malpractice, as if he didn’t have enough trouble already. Will he settle? Go to trial?
– – – – – – – – –
Consenting Adults Only brings together Dr. Martin’s experience in medicine and medico-legal issues to portray a young physician besieged by unpredictable people and unintended consequences.

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