Visit to Sunnyville and Other Fiction

“The whole house shook.” Thus begins the novella, Visit to Sunnyville. What just landed on a Sunnyville golf course in the middle of the night? And where did it come from? Is it hostile or friendly? The world goes agog over the object, but for the 125,000 residents of this Florida retirement community, it’s just a huge annoyance. All the attention it brings, not to mention the National Guard, interferes with their lifestyle. They just want it to go away, so they can again move freely around Sunnyville, visit their numerous clubs without impediment, and not worry about the masses trying to invade their community. In the end, how will it all end?
Included in Visit to Sunnyville and Other Fiction are nine of Martin’s short stories, two of which were finalists in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards. Each has a twist or surprise ending. Read about: Big John and Little John, Confederate Army buddies with a very special relationship hidden from their comrades; a doctor treating an ordinary patient who turns out to be anything but; a cancer survivor who says he hit a deer driving home from the doctor’s office; a Maestro who is full of himself until he hears a young violinist play part of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons; an aspiring pianist who makes a deal with the You Know Who; a golfer who gets a little too uppity for the golf gods; a young man confronting a beggar in India; a strange patient being treated in a WW1 field hospital; and a member of a writing critique club who is told that his work is no good and can never be published.

This book also contains the first three chapters of Martin’s six novels: three historical fiction, two contemporary fiction, and one middle-grade fiction. His middle-grade fiction, The Boy Who Dreamed Mount Everest, won 2nd place in the FWA RPLA for 2016.  NOTE:  These are only novel excerpts, with a link to the full work for each (all are on Amazon Kindle and 5 of the 6 are also in print format). Since these are only excerpts, included to pique the reader’s interest for the complete book, Visit to Sunnyville and Other Fiction is set at a price appropriate for just the novella and nine short stories.

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