Written over a period of several years – in her conversational, crisp style – and published just this year, Reflections is and Anthology – a collection of Gere Johnson’s thoughts, iconoclastic essays, and short stories as related by the “Earth Goddess” … “The Sky Spirit” … the “Grandmother.”

As you read, you will encounter CiXi, the Chinese Empress, in “The Empress and the Puppies;” Keezheekoni, a wise old Chippewa woman, who tells of her experiences in “She Tells a Story;” Liese, a brave female World War II spy, in “Butterfly;” Jim, a firefighter battling a forest fire, in “The Firefighter’s Memory;” a couple of rapists/murderers in “Murder and Mayhem;” Mary Ann, an exhausted/desperate mother, in “What About the Children;” Fanny, an orphan child, in “Fanny;” plus a mountaineer named Obadiah Johnson; a dog named Butch Cassidy; a cat named Claude Cat; and many more.

Some of these stories and essays will make you think … will teach you or remind you of things you once knew. Some may make you angry, or they may make you laugh. And they may make you cry.

“Man, at every stage of his existence has thought he knew everything for sure, he has never been right.”


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