The novel unfolds with the story of the doctor, Maxwell Rogers, who unwittingly gets involved with crime syndicate by befriending one of its own, Sam Martin, an old man who had claimed to have been abandoned by his family in the USA. Sam is killed at the latter part of the story by the syndicate’s boss who is now interested in owning a share of the doctor’s profitable clinic.

In the dentist, Mavis Ashley is a young and reputable dentist who goes on a charity event to a village where she encounters some children whom she later discovers belong to a married woman living with an abuser. She convinces her to abandon him and then plans an escape for them, however, she ends up killing the man in self defense and tries to flee.

In the teacher; a young high school graduate strives to save money for the University. He encounters setbacks but finally obtains a good job at a restaurant as a waiter. Then his boss suffers an incident that costs him his sight and he abandons the job and turns a private tutor to a rich, young boy. Later, a murder is committed and he gets accused of it, though his student had confessed to being the culprit.

The lawyer centers on a family-law lady advocate who is approached by a woman to help her gain back her convenience shop, a business which she had found herself but had lost it to her husband’s child, whom he had born out of the wedlock. Despite her desire to help, there’s nothing she can do. Sometime later, her clients begin to disappear after their divorces have been settled and on investigating she’s drugged by someone close and completely loses her memory.

The stories are set in Africa and feature themes of humour, crime and mystery.



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