The Dream

Everything Nelly and Hugo had in life was earned through hard work, tenacity, and a whole lot of guts. A happy, young woman, loved by her family and community, Nelly is suddenly ostracized when she comes down with a serious disease that leaves her disabled. She refuses to hide her disability, but her own handicap turns out to be one item on a list of many troubles to come.

Hugo is different from other men in Nelly’s town, and her marriage to him only further pushes her beyond the bounds of accepted society. Their outcast status results in the loss of Nelly’s beloved children and eventually the couple’s demise. Years later, Stella, Nelly’s daughter, is haunted by a dream that leaves her searching for meaning.

Stella is an attorney and heiress, but the past will not let go. She embarks on a journey that takes her back to the childhood a number of small-town bureaucrats worked tirelessly to erase from her memory. There, she not only finds her missing brother but also comes face-to-face, finally, with the demon who destroyed her family and turned her life upside down.






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