Cloudbreak: Stories of Our Times

Author Glen Hines follows up his highly regarded first book, Document, with a new anthology of articles, stories, and fiction based on the momentous events in the first years of the new millennium. The subject-matter is diverse and wide-ranging: Serving in America’s military in the War on Terror from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the borders of Afghanistan and central Asia; the current state of American football and baseball; the politics of recent mass shootings to working inside our criminal justice system; travel and adventure from the Lost Man’s Coast of southwest Florida to the heartland, Lake Tahoe, the American southwest, San Diego, and many places in between; and navigating a way through the early years of a new century that is shaping up to be as tumultuous as the twentieth, Cloudbreak covers a wide array of topics and is a book you will not want to set down.

Reviewers have given Cloudbreak several 5-star ratings, and commented, “Hines writes with an immediacy that sucks you in and brings the stories to life,” “Cloudbreak takes its readers on a ride all over the world and, like its predecessor Document, leaves each and every reader wanting more,” “Hines writes with the warmth and fluidity of a natural story-teller that makes you sad when you reach the last page,” “A fantastic selection of fiction and non-fiction with which [readers] can, even for a little while, enter into Glen’s busy mind,” “Outstanding, reality based writing.  I could not put it down,” and “Men like this write memoirs, they have autobiographies ghostwritten, they may publish opinion pieces, but they NEVER let you see the inside of what it’s like to watch the real life movie of Marine Officer, attorney, football player, dad, husband, man, writer. See, feel, and hear the action as it’s taking place.”

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