This Kind Of Love: Khan & Royale

God never gives you more than you can handle, but sometimes it feels like it…

Royale Chastain is the daughter of Virginia-based Bishop Grayling Chastain and Christian reality show celebrity Royce Chastain. She’s the quintessential preacher’s kid. She’s beautiful, poised, intelligent and a philanthropist. She works in the community is a mentor to the young girls attending her church and is working on an international non-profit to end child marriages.
So, what could possibly go wrong?

At twenty-three, she’s ready to settle down with the love of her life, Matan Haddon. He is her happily ever after until an act of betrayal causes her to walk away from everyone. Her faith is tested, her life a complete mess and family destroyed. Feeling crushed, her anxiety attacks start back and she feels lost and alone. She wants to give up until she meets him.

Khan Masterson is from West Virginia and owns his own business. He has survived his mother’s murder and is doing his best to rise above the stigma that has attached itself to him ever since his father became a Klan member. Even though his father is participating in activities he doesn’t agree with, they still live together because Khan feels it’s his duty to help his father who suffers from a medical condition. He accepts life as it is until he meets what could be his forever.

However, love is never easy, even this kind of love. As the two grow closer, their relationship is challenged by their pasts. Will their love be able to survive, or will they succumb to the hate and distrust that threatens their kind of love?

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