Conspiracy Rising by Simon Driscoll

Conspiracy Rising200The bomber moved clear of the trees. Bryan could see the whites of the bomber’s eyes, the detail of the fishing vest that was obviously more than just that. He took aim and fired.


The blast knocked Bryan to the ground.

He rose to one knee. The blurry colors became more distinct. Several other people were getting to their feet. He frantically looked for Claire’s coat. So many were bleeding, the screams were just making it past the ringing in his ears. Then he noticed some not getting up.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, where are you, Claire?

They took everything from him, except his anger. With nothing left to lose, he’s fighting back. But who is really pulling the strings? The terrorist who masterminded the bombing that killed his wife? The new Pope seeking to bring back the crusades? Or are the governments of the world trying to start World War III?

Follow the action as worlds collide in a believable look at the near future.

Simon Driscoll


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