What I’d Do For Love – Book Review

Education made K.F Johnson a full-time accountant but her talent and heart lead her to writing. To be more exact, it was her inability to play by the rules that made her a wordsmith. When she was young, Johnson often failed to arrive home at the time set by her parents. As a result, she ended up being punished and grounded, which gave way to lots of free time which Johnson used to perfect her writing skills.

It was an innocent little imaginative book in 2012 that gave her the big break she needed. When Johnson posted it on social media for her friends to see, she wasn’t expecting her work to get so much attention and popularity. Before she knew it, her book went viral, reached the #1 rank on Amazon and gave her hordes of fans to deal with. With them cheering her on, Johnson nosedived into what she loved and became a full time author of the African American Romantic Suspense chronicles.

What I’d do for Love is the woeful tale of Greer Patterson. She wasn’t exactly showered with love from a very young age being the illegitimate child of a black father and a white mother. Although the loathing of siblings and her stepmother was enough to bring Patterson down, it was the love of her father and husband that kept her sane. As fate would have it, when she caught her husband having an affair, she couldn’t contain the anger, fury and ferocity anymore.

So, she did what any betrayed – and a little cynic – wife would do; she wanted blood. After she served her revenge to both, the husband and the mistress, Patterson felt different. She felt the kind of potency that could destroy anything that would stand between her and her true love again.

With her signature style of wits, laughs, spice and cunningness, Johnson has made sure that this book is a great read for everyone. By mixing together just the right amount love, hate, danger and revenge, Johnson has succeeded in making this book the favorite of many readers.

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