The Fire Inside – Book Review

Residing in the Pacific Northwest, Michelle Bellon has four children and a boyfriend. She’s a nurse by profession and works for a surgery center. Writing novels is a beloved hobby of hers which she pursues when she has time off work. She’s not genre specific when it comes to writing and writes suspense, romance, young adult, literary and women’s fiction, and a fusion of genres. Michelle has three literary awards titled to her name.

The Fire Inside is a story of loss, shock, and salvation.

Aiden Rollins is living the perfect life, the envy of everyone around him. He has the ideal loving family with the love of his life, the perfect son, a job he loves, and he is widely admired too. But, it doesn’t stay perfect for too long. His life takes an unexpected and dark plunge deep into the well of loss when fate snatches his family away from him. A man broken and shaken to the very core, he loses all interest in life, having lost his only reason for living.

He quits his job and waits for nature to take its course and take him away, too. Life has other plans for him, though. The next character the author introduces is Norma, who had been trying to have a child with her husband Jeff – with no luck so far. It has been five years. As time passes, the nagging feeling that she might have put Jeff under too much pressure grows, and that it was bound to take a toll on their relationship. After Norma, the reader is introduced to Ryan, who is a fifteen year old girl determined to survive on her own. It had been about a year since her mother left her, and even though she sends her money regularly – it’s not enough for her to effectively survive on, leading her to committing petty crimes for the extra cash. It has been a year, but it is time for the social worker’s visit. She knew what that meant, so she runs away.

Michelle Bellon has created these individual characters beautifully. And how they come together is even more enticing. This book will evoke many intense emotions, which will lead to tears, laughter, despair, and just plain curiosity. It doesn’t fail to keep your unwavering attention at all times.

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