Awake In Hell – Book Review

As the title suggests, Awake In Hell, is a fiction tale that will enrapture your attention from the first paragraph to the last. The author, Helen Downing, is a talented writer who apart from writing loves spending time interacting with friends from across the globe through various online social media platforms.

Louise Patterson, the main character, wakes up under a bridge in a mysterious world. She has no idea how she landed here. With the little ounce of strength left in her body, she gets up and walks for a short distance in scorching heat to a peculiar town that looks disorganized and out of place. Out of the blues, she realizes that she actually dead. She stumbles around the town trying to recover the memories of her life in the world of the living. Confusion settles in, she walks into the first building that she comes across and is offered a job that entail doing a wide array of abhorrent tasks that are downright disastrous.

She tries to think about things that she could have done in her life to warrant this form of torture. One unfortunate day, she is handed her termination slip after helping a customer. Coincidentally, she comes across an advertisement that immediately grasps her attention “Second Chances Temp Agency”. She goes to the agency and gets a new job. Unknown to her is that her adventure and journey to self-realization has just begun. Will she survive in this harsh environment?

Awake In Hell is indeed a humorous and well written story that you will enjoy reading. The author did a great job to develop the character’s personality and weave in scenes that will give you an idea about the underground world. The flare writing style, creativity, and the fascinating concepts used to develop the story are phenomenon.

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Serious Reading Rating
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