Frankenstein – Book Review

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein features one of the classic monsters who have dominated English literature for so long that it has become a thing of legend. No other word seems more befitting. Initially published back in 1818, the world has seen many new editions. Some regard Mary Shelley’s contemporaries more accomplished than her, but Frankenstein is a cult favorite. Ahead of its time in the nineteenth century, this amazing piece of literature is now revered by today’s generation.

With this latest edition, the language has been adapted to accommodate the times. If a young adult of today’s time comes across Victorian Era literature, it’s not hard to predict that they will get disheartened and put the book down. Victor Frankenstein’s creation is not a vicious monster. He is a collection of inanimate objects given life by the mad scientist. Victor intended for the creation to help him advance science further, but instead, he created a monster, a smart and intellectual monster, with one problem…the monster was full of insecurities and hatred as it sees the creator’s loathing towards the creation. Victor sees his creation as an abomination which deserves to be destroyed. The book is beautifully detailed, portraying every single emotion so intricately it often brings readers to tears.

Although a bit old-fashioned, it was written over a century and a half ago after all, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the embodiment of classic, gothic thriller, fantasy, AND romance. The deliberate detail of the human condition via symbolism is both awe-inspiring, and indulging. “Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it.” It’s hard to believe that this piece of magic was expressed in words by an eighteen year old girl from the nineteenth century.

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