Doctor Sleep – Book Review

A name like Stephen King needs no introduction. Famous for his contemporary horror and supernatural fiction writing, King has made quite a name for himself, many of his books caught the attention of some prominent directors and now Stephen’s books being adapted for the film is not a rare occurrence. His first book “Carrie”, published in 1974, became an instant hit, and from then on, Stephen’s popularity only grew. King wrote his third novel “The Shining” the same year.

In the second installment “Doctor Sleep”, Stephen once more returns to the world that he created in The Shining. Doctor Sleep is the story of a middle aged man named Dan Torrance–who was just a boy in the first part–and a 12-year-old girl that he felt the need to save from the paranormal tribe of murderers.

This tribe is nothing normal – they are searching for food and travel far and wide to get it, but their only source of sustenance is the “steam”, which is produced when the “Shining” children are slowly tortured to death. The worst part is their disguise, the look like old people, absolutely normal and harmless which make them much more dangerous.

Dan knew all about this tribe because he himself has been a child, and the Shining still inside him. Now working in a nursing home, his power allows him to give comfort to the dying and bring them peace. Due to his unique abilities, he began to be known by the name “Doctor Sleep” and that’s when he meets the spirited and chirpy 12–year-old Abra Stone, her shining so bright that it helps Dan to get rid of his own demons and prepares him for the battle that he must brave for the survival of Abra.

Once again, Stephen King takes us into the world of good and bad, supernatural and evil, and reminds us that it is not good that always wins the war.

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