Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting – Book Review

Read it, ya idjits!!

David Reed has brought to life every Supernatural fan’s dream book. It will take you on a journey that’s both thrilling and emotional. This guide is a first-person memoir of Bobby’s last retrievable memories – be warned though: it will wet your eyes and warm your heart if Supernatural is more than just a TV show for you. Chances are, if you have gotten your hands on this book, you probably are a part of the Supernatural family.

The book begins with “My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours, I’m gonna lose my memory. So here’s everything you need to know.” Your mind will automatically read the words in Jim Beaver’s voice, which is how precisely on point Reed’s portrayal of Bobby’s thoughts is. Bobby is often side-tracked while the Supernatural planet revolves around the “bromance” of Dean and Sammy, and later Cass. Come on, Bobby deserves some spotlight, step aside Moose and Squirrel. He has been the only father the Winchester brothers have had growing up – since John had been mostly absent. In this book, you will see the world of demons, monsters, angels, vampires, even the boogeyman through Bobby’s eyes – and of course how to kill them in various ways.

It’s a wonder this book wasn’t named “Guide to Hunting for Idjits”. It’s a stirring ride that takes you through Bobby’s journey all the way from how he became a hunter, Rufus (WHAT HAPPENED IN OMAHA!), The Winchesters, and all the monster lore he has learnt during his life as a hunter. We know what happened in Omaha, but don’t you want to know from Bobby’s perspective? The Winchesters’ relationship with Bobby? Here’s your chance.

So, put your baseball cap on, turn up some Kansas, and take this feel-trip Bobby takes you with the wisdom in what could be his final few years.

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