Crimson Peak: The Art of Darkness – Book Review

Take a peek inside the crimson walls of Mark Salisbury’s words paired with Guillermo Del Toro‘s exquisitely detailed designs for the movie by the same name.

Crimson Peak is an Art Book, which is so incredibly and tantalizingly detailed, it will have you waiting for it to come out in BluRay just so you could watch it in all its glory. Oh, every single crimson oozing detail of it! It’s the visualization of behind-the mysterious-scenes of the movie. Guillermo Del Toro is quite famous for his art books – previously known for Pan’s Labyrinth and El Orfanato, he has definitely not disappointed with this new release.

Although the film has some technical issues, this hardcover book encompasses all beautiful things about the movie. This book is horror, gothic, dark, and scrumptiously seductive. While the book itself is tightly plastic wrapped, it makes it all the more exciting for the opener to find such mementoes from the movie pouring out from all the sides. The additional trinkets include: behind the scene photographs, posters, copies of the photos that appeared in the movie such as the ones of the wives and mother, biographies, and letters/notes.

Crimson Peak is a book with pages full of deep colors with heavy and sultry designs – as featured in the movie. Including separate chapters on each of the characters, it makes you go back to the movie and notice what you’d missed on your first watch – makes you go “ah, that!! How did I miss that? It is so beautiful!” Main characters are not the only profiles you will find in here, Salisbury has also profiled the three ghosts that repeatedly appear throughout the movie. Each one of them has a devastating origin –which puts the timing of their appearances into perspective.

In our opinion, this book is better than the movie itself because it is more endearingly detailed.

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