Wicked Prayers – Book Review

S. D. Moore is an award winning author who served in the US military for years until the day she got hit by a physical injury during the service. The injury affected one half of Moore’s brain and she was left with only half of the brain working for the rest of her life.

The injury affected her brain but not her willpower. That’s why S. D. Moore stood up again and began to pen down some outstanding literary works without letting her injuries come in between. S. D. Moore has also acquired two masters degrees and in the process of pursuing a doctorate degree as well.

The latest offering by S. D. Moore is a thrilling novel based on the horror and supernatural genre. The novel mainly centers on the story of a fictional city, Autumntown. Terrorized by some supernatural forces, the city has become the center of a heroic battle between the good and evil powers. ‘Wicked Prayers’ tells the story of Del Cameron, an ex-military officer turned detective who has the responsibility to stop the evil powers and the dreadful creatures unleashed in his city.

The ‘Wicked Prayers’ will definitely attract readers who love the supernatural genre with a touch of mystery in it. Moore has maintained a fast-paced storyline full of action sequences and epic characters that will surely make a mark in the reader’s minds. Moore has also covered other themes like wounded warriors and post-traumatic stress disorders.

‘Wicked Prayers’ is the perfect choice for readers who want thrill, horror, mystery, violence, action and supernatural scenes all combined together in one book. The well scripted narrative of the novel will make it easier for the readers to visualize all the action-packed sequences in their mind and read the novel as if they are actually watching a gripping horror film.

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