A Fractured Conjuring – Book Review

Martin Reaves has been scripting horror mysteries for the last thirty-five years. To this date, he has to his name four exceptionally brilliant horror mysteries, scores of short stories, dramatic sketches and plays.

Already working on its sequel, “A Fractured Conjuring” is not a story for the faint of heart. Its bone-chilling and heart-stopping plot is something not everyone will find a consumable tread. Unsettling, dark and twisted, readers might wonder what made Martin work on something like this and still have his sanity intact.

The story is of a highly-acclaimed writer Chloe Sender, whose own scripted horror mystery is out to get her. Every word she wrote is turning out to be true and more frightening. Every twisted sentence is now becoming real in her nightmares, making her scared to fall asleep. But she is driven to finish her soul-destroying work no matter what to put an end to her misery. But as she tries to continue, she realizes her relationships are being torn apart. She decides to destroy her incomplete masterpiece in order to get her sanity back but someone patiently waiting in the dark for her to complete her work is not going to sit back and watch her destroy the story. An ancient evil that has been capering through her nightmare will not be silenced.

What will become of Chloe when the evil in her pursuit finally comes out of the dark to meet her creator? Will Chloe be able to finish what she started or will the evil mock her existence and take her in the dark?

A story that gets utterly terrifying with every moment, where the readers would just want to close the book and hide under their bed covers, yet so beautifully written; it will be hard to put down. This book will leave the readers disoriented, allowing them to experience the same emotions that the characters are experiencing!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Martin Reaves has effortlessly ticked all the check boxes of a great horror mystery.

A must-read for horror aficionados!

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