Plague of the Dead – Book Review

Plague of the Dead has been written by Alli Rayfield who is a new writer and this is her first book. She studied at the Fairfield University majoring in Finance. Her interest in writing made her pick up the pen and write her first book which has been well-received among the readers of zombie horror stories.

It tells the story of Shelly McCormick, as she tries to find her trail back to the mainland after being left stranded on a fictitious island called Guam.  What is left of her family in the mainland is her only sister called Cate. Her husband got killed by her own daughter who was badly infected by the zombie virus. Now all she is left with in this solitary island is loneliness and scaring silence. She hopes to find her way to the active and fully functional Navy base where a ship may take her to California. In her quest, she comes across a group of people who are headed for the same destination, which gives her at least some hope of survival. But the danger still lurks on two fronts; first, the zombie virus is constantly spreading posing threat to the ones who are still not infected by it and the water of the island has a high chance of getting infected. Secondly, a strong typhoon is also heading fast right towards the island of Guam.

Read the book to know what happens afterwards. It is highly recommended for horror readers who do not like all the gore and violence, but a story horrifying enough to keep them hooked till the end. Through a fictional story entailing zombies, the writer has weaved an interesting insight into the human mind as to how it works in the face of a crisis. This book has a perfect balance of suspense and horror, where no factor goes overboard.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %