Psychotic State – Book Review

If you love reading horror novels, Psychotic State, is one of the books that you should purchase. The author, William Pattison, is an internationally recognized writer. He has penned a number of award winning books such as the Friday the Thirteenth: Camp Crystal Lake Book series. At a tender age, he had the privilege to work with a number of legendary filmmakers such as Harve Bennett, the genius behind The Six Million Dollar Man film.

The main character in this attention-grabbing book is David Coleman, a twenty-eight year old bipolar man who is bullied and mistreated by everyone in his locality including his adopted father. His father blames him for his condition and his classmates who pick on him every single day. Trouble begins when he loses his job after an encounter with a group of bullies who beat him up. As a result, he loses his mind and stops taking medications. He becomes psychotic and a peculiar perspective about justice gets into his mind. He feels that it not possible to get justice from the courts and decides to hunt down and kill all the people who bullied and abused him both emotionally and physically. As the story unfolds, he becomes more confident in himself and comes up with ways of helping the community, but that does not deter him from killing all the people who had wronged him in the past.

Psychotic State is an amazing book that will give you a clear picture of the cascading effects of bullying. As you read it, you will get a good understanding of the mental problems that bullying victims have to deal with on a daily basis. The author worked smart to highlight the main character’s background and the reasons why he decided to give his bullies at taste of their own medicine.

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