Gory Stories – Book Review

From Joey Webb, the author of Pleasant Screams, comes another book packed with short stories. Horror, sorcery and science fiction are among Joey’s favorite genres and his unique style of writing make his stories stand out from the rest. So much so that attempts were made to censor his work. This led Joey to self-publish his work, which is now enjoyed by the masses.

Gory Stories brings back creatures of the past with a modern twist, resulting in tales which are no short of extraordinary. If magic, monsters and a good thrill is your idea of a good book, then you don’t need to look further. This book is packed with twenty short gory stories which center on immortals, werewolves, magical curses, vampires, doppelgangers and guardians, who will never cease to scare you into an intimidating void.

This book will get you hooked – you will never be able to put it down once you are through with all the stories. Each story is unique, with different characters and a plot that will make your skin crawl and stifle your bloodcurdling screams. The stories like ‘The Wendigo’s Curse’, ‘Doppelganger’, ‘Santa Claus vs. The Werewolf ’, ‘The Legend of Malachi Blood’ and ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Die’, are one-of-a-kind which will not disappoint you in their storyline, plot, and horror.

In addition to these traditional monsters, the book also covers other terrifying ones such as golem, wendigo, lechuza and chupacabra, which are less known but not unheard of.  If you have peers who share your interest and enthusiasm for such gruesome, gory stories then this book can serve as the perfect gift for them as well. Just throw on your blanket, get your torch, and read away in the middle of the night with floorboards creaking and the wind whistling through your house. If you strain your ears, you might even hear the werewolves howling into the night. Makes a perfect getaway from boring reality, nay?

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