The Taxidermist – Book Review

Dana Hammer is a positive and chirpy dreamer, who lives in Anaheim with her loving husband. And she swears that she is definitely not a psychopath – you’ll find out the reason for the statement in a minute. The Taxidermist is her first novel.

How many people get to explore their insanity with their spouse? Well, Spring Etienne is about to get that rare chance – but she doesn’t know it yet. In the meanwhile, she is getting increasingly exhausted at hiding her true identity. She needs to let the crazy flag fly; living a secret life as a normal fifteen-year-old while you are really a brutal psychopath can be daunting. Spring finally decides that she has had enough of this double life, and it has become essential for survival to escape her mentally sick father. Not only is he mentally unwell, they are also penniless. A sugar daddy is what her life needs right about now.

As she sets out on her journey to find the perfect sugar daddy to cater to her needs, she meets Hank. He is a typical Radio Shack manager, who is lonely and in desperate need of a companion – naturally, he instantly falls head over heels for beautiful Spring. She is over the moon with unimaginable joy. But she is in for the biggest surprise of her life. Hank isn’t who he pretends to be. Following an unexpectedly shaking murder in town, Spring has to escape the country with Hank all the way to Germany. It’s in the strange country where Spring finally realizes who Hank really is, his world is dark and twisted after all. His world fits her like a custom designed glove.

The book is exhilarating from the first word of the first chapter. Dana knows all too well how to spin the readers’ minds around her pen like a rope.

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Serious Reading Rating
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