Undead Redhead by Jen Frankel

Undead Redhead200You know things are bad when being dead is the best part of your day. Things have gone from rotten to, well, actually rotting for Sharon Backovic after her tragic wedding photo-related death. Now, she’s got no job, no phone, no place to live, and absolutely no idea of what a zombie who’s apparently still a Vegan should eat. . .

After her tragic death during a wedding photo shoot, redheaded Sharon Backovic escapes from a coffin on the way to her own funeral.

With her memories in tatters, Sharon follows the clues in her purse to her old address, her boyfriend, and other important people from her past. But as she tries unsuccessfully to reconnect with friends,  Sharon realizes she might have been wrong about all her relationships.

After Malcolm Sinclair discovers Sharon looking for rotten vegetables in the dumpster behind the comic shop where he works, he decides to help her out. He’s charmed by her positive attitude and comforted by the fact that, just as before death, Sharon’s a sincere and socially-conscious Vegan. Sharon begins to wonder if life after death might just offer her a new chance at love.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorist and video blogger V. X. Morgoni is hot on Sharon’s trail after accidentally catching her on video. And in a far off city to the south, a vain fame-seeker is planning to steal all Sharon has left: her identity.

Add to this a wise mentor in the form of a dizzy crack lady, an over-the-top TV host, and a little Haitian boy named Waglet and you have a recipe for a deliciously wicked comedy.

Jen Frankel


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