Little Killers A-Z by Howard Odentz

Little Killers A-ZLittle Killers A to Z features twenty-six disturbingly fascinating horror stories about the youngest predators among us. From Andy and Boris to Yuri and Zina, this eclectic anthology is filled with psychopaths, monsters, murderers and third-graders.

So turn on the lights and huddle under your blankets because murder isn’t just for grown-ups anymore.

Come meet the gallery of little killers. They’re dying to meet you!

A is for Andy Who Watches His Dad
B is for Boris, and Rifka, and Vlad
C is for Cassie Who Owes Michael Myers
D is for Dan Who Gets Picked for the Pyres
E is for Emmett Who’s Always Behind
F is for Fern Who Has Murder in Mind
G is for Gil All Alone and Unhappy
H is for Hope Gone Ice Fishing for Crappie
I is for Ivy Who Lives on the Cape
J is for Jan on a Fire Escape
K is for Kieran Who Fights in a Ring
L is for Lee Who Wants Only One Thing
M is for Maura Who Builds a Partition
N is for Nancy Who Questions Tradition
O is for Oz. Who Has Piss Poor Genetics
P is for Pam Who’s A Wiz With Cosmetics
Q is for Quinn Who’s an Animal Lover
R is for Rae Sent Away to Recover
S is for Stevie Who Must Pay His Dues
T is for Tommy with Nothing to Lose
U is for Uma Who Laughs at a Tumble
V is for Vicky Who Sees the World Crumble
W is for William Who’s Smitten a Little
X is for Xander Who’s Covered in Spittle
Y is for Yuri Who’s Prone to Predation
Z is for Zina Who Suffers Starvation 

Howard Odentz


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