Closure – Book Review

Neil A. White resides in not one, but three places. With Australia, Poland and United States to call home, White surely has many places to get inspiration from. White took his first step into the literary realm with his first and-so far-only novel, Closure. Why the only one you might ask? That’s because White has the kind of a lively spirit who wants to try everything, wishes to experience every role. Before White became an author, he had been a tennis player, a coach, a member of a U.S airline, a bank executive and many other things. With so many experiences under his belt, we can safely say that when White says something, he knows what he is talking about.

Closure is a coming of age story about a trio of young boys. As the story progresses, we witness these boys grow-up from adolescence to their adulthood. Like every single one of us, these three boys too try to make sense of the world except that theirs is a lot more chaotic than ours. Piotr Kowalczyk is a 10 year old Polish boy living in the time of war.

As German forces are intent on wiping the face of Jewish existence, Piotr’s world as he knows it comes close to its end. Another boy, Dino Mitak, flees for his life and freedom as communist forces move closer to his homeland. Third, is the boy from Australia. Small, and struggling to come to terms with his parent’s death, things got worse when he has the unfortunate luck of being confronted with a gruesome murder.

While these boys are years and worlds apart, their struggle with tragedies has the same essence to it. They fight, they mourn, they struggle with love and eventually, time get them closure.

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