Of Faith and Freedom – Book Review

Of Faith and Freedom is written by Joe Gilbert, a man who served in the US Army Intelligence Agency for more than 24 years and also as a Director of Emergency Services. He is the eminent founder of the Patriot Institute and an ordained Christian Minister. He not only served in the Cold War and in the South Korea (DMZ), but he also went on three consecutive tours to Iraq where he earned two Bronze medals and other decorations. His acclaimed past forced him to write this novel which is an intense narrative of getting America back on track to becoming the greatest nation in the world.

This book explains that Cultural Marxism is a greatest force in America and it has been for more than a century. It has changed the face of our constitution, family, school system and economy. During World War II, in the 1920’s, a socialist idea originated from the Frankfurt School. It was then known as the Institute for Social Research. The ideas seeped from that institution and wound their way into the social fabric of the US. The Marxist Movement gained momentum and went out of the reach of the American government until the value of each citizen was diminished. This book sheds light on the Judeo-Christian belief system, the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Right, which will renew the hopes and visions for a greater America in the heart of its citizens.

Readers will find that “Of Faith and Freedom” is an amazing read. Anyone who wishes to find out the crucial issues that America is facing nowadays should read this book. The narrative gives an amazing historical background and details the important facts about how America strayed from its heritage. The political, social and economic facts will give readers a troubling but accurate narration and will allow them to navigate through important topics of faith, patriotism, history and Constitutional Government.

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