A West Virginia Rebel: Albert Gallatin Jenkins and His Border Rangers – Book Review

Matthew A. Perry is a West Virginia based writer dwelling in the small town of Ceredo. Mathew acquired a teaching degree from the Marshall Academy and then started working as a history teacher at the Ceredo-Kenova middle-school while coaching basketball to the school girls. Matthew always had a passion for history, which then lead him to publish his own book titled ‘Protectors of the Ohio Valley’ in April 2016.

A West Virginia Rebel: Albert Gallatin Jenkins and His Border Rangers’ is Matthew A. Perry’s second book, which yet again proves Perry to be a diehard history lover. This book centers on the life of Albert Gallatin Jenkins, a rich lawyer, farmer and representative of the US congress who resided in Virginia’s western counties before the American civil war. Mathew has covered all the major events of Albert Jenkins’s life from the time when the civil war began. This book includes all the incidents when Jenkins created a Ranger command and conducted several raids in the western counties, which soon became West Virginia. However, Jenkins died in 1864, fighting for his cause at the Gettysburg campaign.

‘A West Virginia Rebel’ is definitely a must-read for readers who always want to explore new horizons in the history genre. Matthew A. Perry has thoroughly investigated all the events that took place in Jenkins’s life and penned down a book perfectly draped in the backdrop of West Virginia. Matthew A. Perry’s attempt to recreate history is surely worth reading for everyone who wants to know the ins and outs of Albert Jenkins’ life and the history of West Virginia, alongside the sectional conflict of the American civil war.

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