The Diary of a Young Girl – Book Review

The remarkable diary of Anne Frank illustrates the last two years of the little girl discovered in the attic and is today considered a work of art, a literary classic. The diary serves as a brutal reminder of the horrors of World War II and speaks eloquently as testament of human spirit. It all began in 1942 when the Nazis occupied Holland and left the Jews fleeing their homes for the sake of survival. The diary is of a 13-year-old girl Anne Frank who with her family fled her home in Amsterdam and went into hiding and the two years that followed until their whereabouts were discovered by the Gestapo. Her family hid with another, secluded in the “Secret Annex” of the house.

Tormented by hunger, biasness, injustice and boredom, Anne Frank efficiently made use of her 13th birthday present, a journal, to record a haunting recounting of the period living in confinement and the ever-prevailing fear of being discovered and killed. But the journal doesn’t only portray sadness or injustice in the world; it also draws attention to special bonds of family life, relationships and their importance, reliance on hope even in the darkest of hours, with a steel will to survive, which unfortunately in her case didn’t come true.

Anne Frank was a true hero. Her story of survival amidst hunger, boredom and fear is a vivid portrayal of what she had gone through. Her true account of the two years spent in hiding is a fascinating commentary on human courage, infirmity, and a convincing self-portrait of a young girl whose promises and wishes were tragically crushed.

As for the readers, they must open their minds to the horrifying and unimaginable horror where millions of people died due to the debased obsessions of the rulers. The journal will leave the readers on the verge of tears, wishing they could have known Anne frank and helped her live. The book itself is well-crafted and a delightful page turner, letting readers imagine themselves right there in the Annex, holding their breaths every time Nazi troops passed on the streets.

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