11/22/63: A Novel – Book Review

Witness the course of history rewritten in this staggeringly addictive tale of what ifs. Yet again from the thought-provoking, ferocious imagination of Stephen King, the bestseller author of over fifty books, comes an enlivened masterpiece of escalating suspense. The book opens up to a nostalgic panorama of events that may have happened ‘if’ three shots hadn’t been fired in Dallas on the 22nd of November, 1963 changing the world forever.

The story reenacts brilliantly the President John F. Kennedy assassination and tries to re-imagine the world in the event that it was stopped. The dramatic novel tells a story of a man named Jake Epping, an English teacher in Maine who tries to earn extra by making money teaching GED students. This one completely ordinary character has the power to travel back in time using a time machine in his best friend Al’s local diner and turn a real life moment where everything went wrong and changes the course of history.  The story continues as Jake Epping finds himself in the 1958s and then begins his new life as George Amberson and he falls in love head over heels with a high school librarian named Sadie Danhill, transcending all the normal rules of love and reality.

The best thing about this haunting and ambitious novel is that it’s not a just a novel pertaining the events of JFK assassination on a sardonic note – it’s a gala of myriad genres, best time travel elucidation, a passionate love story, voyeurism, and of course the counter-factual tale of a sinister cosmos.

11/22/63: A Novel in particular is one of the best writings by the felt tip of Stephan King. It captures everything so beautifully that readers will be left with a masterpiece that is as mysterious as it gets.

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