Tutankhamun’s Curse SOLVED – Book Review

Tutankhamun’s Curse Solved is a book by I. L. Cohen in which he has presented the results of his more than 30 years of research.

I. L. Cohen is basically an engineer, but his interest in archeology brought him into this field in the 1970s and led him to chase unsolved mysteries in centuries long past. He conducts field work and research about archeological remnants from an engineering, scientific and technological point of view. He has mainly worked in resolving the mysteries of Egyptian archeology. Cohen’s most recent work, in which he has solved the mystery of the ‘Curse’ that had been associated with Tutankhamun (an Egyptian Pharaoh of 18th dynasty)’s tomb since the excavation of his tomb resulted in mysterious deaths of several people carrying out the excavation, is the result of his extensive research work of more than 30 years. The results of Cohen’s research are astounding.

The mystery of the enduring curse of Pharaohs has always captured peoples’ imagination all over the world, and everyone loves when a mystery is resolved. Same is the case with Cohen’s most recent work. Although large numbers of books have been written and movies have been made on this mystery and myths associated with it, Cohen’s work shed a new light on the topic with his scientific and technical approach.

The book talks about different theories associated with pharaohs and their empires, mysterious deaths of large numbers of different birds and mammals in ancient Egypt, and the extinction of certain species and also talks about the gruesome deaths of numerous people who were excavating King Tut’s tomb.

This book is surely an amazing and fascinating piece of work that is a must read for everyone who has even slight interest in history. Although history books are generally considered boring and dry, but this book is so interesting that you would not feel like putting it down without completing.

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