Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography – Book Review

See Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the famous and much loved, “Little house Series” as you’ve never seen her before. In Pioneer Girl, Wilder reintroduces us to the the much loved Ingalls family, in this never before published autobiography based on Wilder’s life experiences.

In this powerful memoir, Wilder recollects and details, the Ingalls family and the many travels and hardships they endured. From Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, back again to Minnesota and lastly, on to Dakota Territory. Using her diary, letters and other sources, readers are finally able to see the Ingalls Family as they were. Pioneer Girl builds and adds to Wilder’s work by introducing additional, valuable information which was omitted from her famous “Little House” series.

In 1930, Wilder wrote Pioneer girl with the intention of publishing it as an adult book, but her publisher advised against it so the book was revamped into the “Little House” series. Heavily researched and carefully annotated, Pioneer Girl is not a light read, but is extremely rich in history and facts. Wilder’s editors have gone to great lengths to prove and support the actual facts based on the family’s epic journey. This original manuscript sheds light on Laura’s family as you’ve never seen them before. While the “Little House” series, portrayed the Ingalls family in a good light, Pioneer Girl actually shows us the real family. Pioneer Girl also includes many maps and photos throughout the book to help us understand the places and people better. While the book may give the impression of being tiny and with less pages, it’s actually much heavier and thicker.

Fans of the “Little House” series will be thrilled with Pioneer Girl and the unbiased way, Wilder portrays her beloved family. So if you’re a fan of the Ingalls family or Laura herself, this book will not disappoint and will likely leave you pleased.

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