Shrapnel Wounds – Book Review

Shrapnel Wounds’ is a memoir by Tom Crowley. Born in Milwaukee, Tom Crowley is a graduate of John Hopkins University School of International Studies (SAIS), and Marquette University. Crowley spent a good part of his life as an infantry rifle platoon leader in the U.S Army. During his time in the U.S Army, Crowley took part in combat in Vietnam where he was wounded. Crowley was awarded medals for showing valor during the combat. He has also served as Foreign Service officer in the U.S State department and General Electric’s country manager in Korea. To date, Crowley has written four books including Shrapnel Wounds. Crowley’s writings reflect his different experiences living and working in Asia. An autobiographical account of things, Shrapnel Wounds is a story about Lieutenant Tom Crowley who enters combat in Vietnam in mid-1966.

A thought-provoking memoir, Shrapnel Wounds narrates the time Tom Crowley spent with an infantry platoon during the Vietnam War. Before he arrives in Vietnam, Crowley goes through infantry basics, jungle training and Officer Candidate School (OCS). In this book, Tom Crawley perfectly narrates what he saw in the jungles of Vietnam. Shrapnel Wounds provides readers with an insight that only war veterans have. Tom Crowley tells us about his understanding of the command structure and frustrations with the system. Furthermore, he reveals the real reason behind the U.S army losing 50,000 of its bravest and best soldiers in Vietnam.

Shrapnel Wounds is a compelling read as it tells us about the friendships Crawley built, the friends he lost, his wounds and his medical evacuation. An impossible to forget and hard to put down book, Shrapnel Wounds is a true gem. A unique account of the Vietnam War, the book shows us how the people in charge manipulated the war for personal gain. Shrapnel Wounds is highly recommended!

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