The Wright Brothers – Book Review

In The Wright Brothers, Two-time Pulitzer prize winning author David McCullough recounts the dramatic story behind the famous Wright Brothers, who stunned the world with their contribution to aviation. The story of Wilbur and Orville Wright comes to life in this masterpiece.

In 1903, on a cold winter day, two virtually unknown brothers from Ohio, changed and marked history with something the world considered impossible. Flight. In this New York Times bestseller hit, McCullough skillfully weaves together an unforgettable and brilliant book Based on diaries, scrapbooks and many, many letters.

The story behind one of history’s greatest achievement will delight readers. The book touches on the importance of family, including their beloved sister Katharine who’s unwavering love and support never faltered. It also gives us an insight on their many failures and successes throughout their quest to produce the first ever airplane. Their perseverance, patience and passion is wonderfully explained and detailed by McCullough. The amount of research included in the book is huge and fans will be pleased at how extensive it is.

McCullough also addresses the differences between the brothers. While both brothers were equally passionate and committed to their project, personality wise, they were remarkably different and that is highlighted wonderfully in the book. While many readers assume that the brothers only knew how to invent, they were also skilled pilots and taught themselves how to fly. One thing fans might not be pleased about is the length of the book. One would expect a lengthier book, but the book is surprisingly short. Nevertheless, McCullough does cover a lot so that can be overlooked.

People interested in monumental historical achievements and the story behind it, will be greatly pleased with McCullough’s Flight Brothers. This brilliant work of nonfiction is highly recommended to anyone interested in aviation or historical facts.

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