Alexander Hamilton – Book Review

In this full-length and complete biography of Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow, winner of the coveted Pulitzer Prize award, takes on the heavy task of presenting us with an invigorating story of a man who inspired, shaped and scandalized the newborn America. This New York Times Bestseller was the inspiration behind the critically acclaimed musical, Hamilton.

In Alexander Hamilton, Chernow explores the story of America’s most famous and controversial founding father. He introduces us to Hamilton’s life in the Caribbean, as a self-educated, illegitimate orphan. He expands on it by revealing how Hamilton literally rose out of nowhere to take the nation by storm, becoming George Washington’s aide-de-camp in the army. It explores the various achievements Hamilton achieved during his lifetime including, heading the Federalist Party, authoring the majority The Federalist Papers and becoming the United States first Treasury Secretary.

This massive, detailed and thorough biography is a delight to read. If you think you know everything there is to know about Hamilton, think again because this book will prove you wrong. Chernow masterfully recounts the major events which shaped Hamilton’s life. From the deep shame he felt as an illegitimate child. His college years, which occurred during the early stages of the revolutionary war. His life during the war. His rise in favor with George Washington and so on. At 800 pages long, this extremely epic and powerful book touches on every thing you’d ever want to know about Alexander Hamilton and the role he played in America’s future.

All in all, Alexander Hamilton is a very well researched and deeply satisfying read. Chernow has a rare ability to captivate his readers with his rich writing and talent for storytelling. Fans will be not only learn important historical details, but will be kept entertained throughout this book. Highly recommend to anyone interested in politics or American history.

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