Ruined Forever – Book Review

Known for the distinct and most random ideas ever, D. L. Carter continuously produces unique publications of fiction. Ruined Forever is one of its kind, based on the famous characters from Pride and Prejudice. The writer has brought the remarkable characters to life once again.

The book perfectly depicts an alternate of Pride and Prejudice, defining the original characters in a new light. The book portrays how things could have been different if some characters had taken different decisions. The plot revolves around Mr. Collins who is angered on the refusal of his marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennett. The rejection turns into a gossip that she not only disapproved his proposal, but also pushed her father’s heir, Mr. Collins from the stairs. The reputation of Miss Elizabeth Bennett is thus, badly affected and something needs to be done before her status is ruined. This is when Darcy and Lizzy’s father come to the rescue.

The story also analyzes how the situation could have turned out if Bingley had more guts to go against his sisters. The character of Darcy has also been portrayed and displayed in a clear and elaborative way. The actions and thoughts are more distinctly drawn while the dialogues and conversations between characters in the book are also illustrated in a pleasing manner.

The book is truly an enjoyable read. All the characters, especially the one of Darcy, is beautifully presented. You will just fall in love with the character. The narration is also very appealing and enticing, and leaves a content smile on the reader’s face after each scene ends. It is surely a highly recommended read!

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