Farewell The Innocent – Book Review

Civil wars not only leave behind a ton of rubble but also permanent marks in the lives of those who take part in it and experience it firsthand. Farewell The Innocent is an amazing book written by a visionary writer, Steve Prince, that seeks to describe the harsh realities that soldiers go through in the battlefield on a daily basis by using a first-person account of a courageous soldier.

Wil Harleck, a courageous soldier, and son to a Shenandoah Valley preacher, is the main character in this book. He decides to join the army just like his older brother and take part in the War between States that took place immediately after Virginia withdrew its membership from the Union. Full of energy, courage, faith, and optimism, he puts on the uniform and joins the rest of the soldiers in the battlefield. Unknown to him is that he has a lot to learn about war, love, and life. The experiences that Wil and other soldiers go through paints a clear image of their personal attributes as well as how the war changed their perspective about life.

The genius author of this book worked smart to create a story that clearly describes each experience that the young and inexperienced soldier goes through. As you continue reading the book, you will get a vivid idea of the smells, sights, and sounds of Civil War. You will feel pity for him over his struggles and experiences.

Farewell the Innocent is an interesting book that will open your eyes to the harsh experiences that soldiers and their families go through during Civil Wars. The scenes are described in a simple and easy to understand language that will grasp your attention from the first paragraph to the last.

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