Schools of Thought: Well-rounded Education In The Lands of Opportunities

In his brand new book, teacher-author Mr. Peter Felton (how clever of him to put his teacher title as his author name under this book’s listing on Amazon!) nobly shares his story of growing up attending different categories of schools and the learning and social experiences that came along with them, intertwined with the notable outcomes of his later professional experiences working as a 21st Century teacher in a similar collection of academic institutions.

Along the way, Mr. Felton does the parallel worlds of teaching and learning justice by emphasizing the importance of the human elements of each type of school in the United States of America in developing and preserving positive scholastic foundations for everyone.  He highlights the essential presence of student creativity and internal enlightenment in exercising quality teaching, provides exemplary insight into instilling uplifting social networking with peers of different demographics, and never hesitates to show his gratitude for those who came before him in the teaching profession and childhood peers of his that left everlasting cultural impressions on him for the better.

Schools of Thought is also the ideal book for families who may be searching for new, different schools for their children and want to learn of their individual facets and experiential outcomes through the eyes of an individual who has witnessed it all firsthand from bottom to top and remains unbiased in his overall perception.  The book showcases the many benefits of owning a diverse education–academically, socially, culturally, and professionally for teachers–when it comes to developing a more levelheaded perspective on embracing differences within humanity in the bigger picture of life.  In the end, Mr. Peter Felton and his book show why one should never take one’s education for granted and do everything they can to respect their teachers and the knowledge and lifelong skills they provide unto their pupils in the process.

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