Schools of Thought: Well-rounded Education In The Lands of Opportunities

Schools of Thought: Well-rounded Education In The Lands of Opportunities is Peter Felton’s third book.  Reflecting on the outcomes of his own experiences as a student and teacher–from his preschool days to his most recent teaching jobs in 2018, Felton chronicles the merits and challenges of his scholastic adventures in each role, and also highlights distinguishable characteristics of the different types of schools comprising the world of American general education from notable academic, social, and professional angles, in a well-informed manner.  Felton even takes the liberty of paying extensive tributes to noteworthy educators, students, family members, and peers of his who helped to pave the way for his desire to make teaching his permanent profession, in a heartwarming manner.

All throughout the book, Felton’s inspired tone and passion for teaching, learning, and working with children never falter.  His levelheaded viewpoints on the respective outlooks of schools spanning the entire United States of America and its national academic backbone, representing the following classifications: public, independent private, parochial, single-sex (for boys and girls, respectively), cooperative, charter, immersion, and special needs, provide current and aspiring teachers, students, parents, and administrators with a refreshing, entirely unbiased look into the synthesis of the standout operations exercised by each exemplified academic institution.

To top it all off: Felton provides his readers with an acute glimpse into how one can make the most of one’s education during both childhood and adulthood, in the present and future–via elaborating upon acute examples of enlightened original lessons, activities, projects and accompanying student presentations carried out with his pupils of elementary, middle, and high school ages over the decades in the 21st Century.

For anybody wanting to learn of ways in which school(s) and the people behind their foundations really can and do succeed, this truly is the book for you!

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