From Tyranny to Liberty

“Béla Suhayda and his family have enjoyed a prosperous life in the United States of America.  But that prosperity and freedom only came about because of his parents’ strong commitment, and a willingness to risk their lives to make it happen.

“From Tyranny to Liberty is the story of a family’s escape from post-World War ll Hungary occupied by communist Russia and the tyrannical communist regime in power in that country.  They fled that tyrannical government in order to experience what the free world had to offer.  Those caught attempting to flee the Hungarian borders during this time period were often shot for their betrayal to country.

The story you are about to read follows this family’s suspenseful exit, and chronicles their journey, eventually planting roots in Aurora Ill.  The attached biographies show glimpses into the lives of the family and their closest friends and mentors.

From Tyranny to Liberty tells a compelling family history, but also serves as an excellent reference for anyone looking to discern the differences between living in a free society, and living under strict communist control.  It provides a glimpse into what really happened in Russian controlled territories in Eastern Europe following the end of World War ll.  This is a book those interested in both the past and the future of our great country will want to read.”


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