Cotton Club Princess

Felt fedoras in the winter, zoot suits in the summer, and Black and Tan fantasies all summer long…

African American Historical Fiction novel set during the “Era of Great American Madness!” Cotton Club Princess is a coming of age tale that uses the suspense and romance of the Harlem Renaissance, The Great Migration, and the Jazz Age to bring to life the 1920’s-1930’s in the world’s most famous speakeasy. Mob Bosses, such as Madame Stephanie St.Clair, Bumpy Johnson, and Dutch Schultz battle for Harlem policy banks while the talented elite, such as Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Bill Bojangles Robinson, entertain the masses. The Night Club Era and prohibition, come to life as seen through the eyes of a country girl, turned worldly, wise woman in the old glamorous Harlem, of Lenox Avenue, 125th Street, Striver’s Row, and Sugar Hill. Comparable titles are Rules of Civility: A Novel by Amor Towles, The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty, and On Account of Conspicuous Women by Dawn Shamp

Cotton Club Princess is a book for everyone who has ever had a dream and acted on it! A dream has many elements, and this book captures them all.  – Calvin Ramsey, Award- winning author of Ruth and the Green BookNew York, NY

“This charming and thought-provoking gem is extremely profound and left me contemplating the nature of life’s truest things like loyalty, obedience, simplicity, integrity, love, brokenness and grace.  The author’s writing style is incredibly insightful, and her characters are so vividly drawn they are reminiscent of a live action film of which you find yourself instantly transfixed. The novel is a refreshing and entertaining read until the very end.” -Sharlene Falls, Producer
Bottom of the Net Filmworks, Atlanta, GA

“Karla Diggs Cotton Club Princess has been a pleasure to read. Nostalgia’s reminiscence of her journey to the Cotton Club is wonderfully told. I loved this book, and look forward to reading many more Karla Diggs novels.” -Joan Daniel Whitlock, Playwright, Producer, Director of Mama’s Pearls, The Stageplay and Founder of Whitworks Theater Group, Danville, Va

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