Chronicles Of Jongleur, The Storyteller

Chronicles of Jongleur, the Storyteller is not just a novel about history of the 13th century, not just a fictional story. Today, more than ever, this is an account of humanity. It’s happening now. The hate, the murders and murderers, the religion, the cruelty and torture. One family, among many, fleeing like so many are today. No one to help them, no one to care. But now, let Jongleur, of the old France called Gaul, tell you his story, their story. A jongler was an entertainer in the 13th century, a storyteller. That’s how he became one, that and the need to tell a saga of a family on the run for centuries, hunted, killed for the secrets they carry. To tell of the few who helped them, who loved them. A saga of humanity that is just as alive today. Young Jongleur will take you from Europe to England -and back again. You’ll be glad you  went, glad you met them all. Wise Grandmere, enchanting Emmalena, brave young Jongleur, and all those who were lucky enough to cross their path in this epic story of love and hate, life and death, innocence and evil.

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