“Waja-Hur, Reckoner of Times and Seasons, was confused.

Holding a charcoal drawing stick in his hand, he stood halfway down the tomb’s unfinished hallway.  He wiped his hand against his white linen kilt, leaving behind a black smudge.

His frail body quivered slightly as he stretched himself to examine the hieroglyphs drawn along the top edge of the wall.  His own hand had drawn them, he was sure.  He was, after all, Scribe of the Company of Gods, high priest for the god Thoth.  He had been drawing hieroglyphs all of his life.  He recognized his work.

But the hieroglyphs were wrong.

Where he had meant to draw the symbol for eternity, he had instead drawn the hieroglyphs for a hundred lifetimes.”

So begins “Imhotep,” an historical thriller, in which three Americans find themselves transported to ancient Egypt and thrust into the political intrigue rising during the seventh year of the reign of King Djoser.

Readers on Amazon have awarded the novel more than 500 five-star reviews. On GoodReads, the book as garnered more than 650 five-star reviews.

As Kirkus Reviews noted: “While the undergirding premise of the plot is wildly fantastical, the author has a peculiar talent for rendering the implausible in credible terms. In addition, the depiction of ancient Egypt is masterly executed, both authentic and accessible. But the real draw of the book is its characters, especially Tim, drawn in lushly substantive terms … An intelligently constructed and exciting peek into the distant past.”

The novel is the first in a four-book series set in ancient Egypt. It is available as an ebook, audiobook and as a paperback.

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