Sharecropping in North Louisiana: A Family’s Struggle Through the Great Depression

A family’s history lives and dies according to the dedication of it’s storyteller. Co-author Linda Duff Niemeir is one such historian, and with the help of her mother Lillian Laird Duff, the stories of this sharecropper’s family will spark in readers the desire to keep their own family histories alive. Sharecropping in North Louisiana is the true story of the hardship Linda’s mother and grandparents faced during the Great Depression and World War II.  

The word-pictures the authors paint are vivid and will bring to life for readers a time when people were forced to get by with what they had. It will also leave readers hungry for a home-like meal, as Lillian recalls food preparation on the farm with such richness and delight that you can almost smell the smoked pork and taste the homemade ice cream and butter.

Join Linda in listening to her mother’s stories once more. Linda heard many of the stories as she grew up and was fascinated how those times of the 20s, 30s and 40s were so very different than her own growing-up years of the 50s and 60s. Linda wanted to preserve her family history for her own children and grandchildren so they might know of her maternal grandparent’s struggles of that era.

When Linda retired, she asked her mother to help her write down those stories for the family. So Lillian told the stories once again, and Linda recorded them by typing each story while her mother sat beside her at the computer. Together they compiled a manuscript which was published within a year. It is now a legacy for the family.

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