The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” Ursula K. LeGuin

‘The Alternate Compass – A Craft Course On An Ironhorse’ does away with Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, instead empowering readers to ride a unique journey of lesser traveled roads, while exploring America at your own pace. Anderson has already driven the length of the routes he’s mapped out. 

Looking back on his epic 21,000-mile motorcycle adventure across the United States, Anderson is full to the brim with memories of quirky history, scenery that looks like it walked out of a movie and some of the best micro-brews any beer lover could dream of. But, strangely enough, none of this came from visiting places that are well and truly “on the map”.

Anderson embraces the “roads less travelled” culture, getting his riding kicks from routes that wouldn’t instantly jump out at riders as obvious ports of call. In his book, Anderson takes readers on a twenty-one stage tour of the nation, inspiring them to do the same.

The journey from the saddle covers much of the Lower 48, averaging roughly two hundred fifty miles for each stage: 3 North Central, 8 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 3 Northeast, 2 Southeast, and 1 South Central. The twenty-one Alternate Compass stages can be selectively chosen to support a weekend adventure, a longer vacation, and can also be logged until you have completed all twenty-one stages. 

Some of the best memories are the places you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, and the friendships you’ve built.

Alternate your compass and let the journey begin!

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