A West Virginia Rebel: Albert Gallatin Jenkins and His Border Rangers by Matthew A. Perry

A West Virginia RebelMatthew A. Perry is a public school history teacher and author living in West Virginia. When he is not writing, he teaches world history to 7th graders and is the girl’s basketball coach at his school. He is married to the love of his life, Amy, and they have 3 wonderful children.

He has written two books about the Civil War in West Virginia and is currently working on a third. His first book was about his hometown entitled “Protectors of the Ohio Valley” detailing the 5th WV Volunteer Infantry that was stationed there. His second book is entitled “A West Virginia Rebel” which deals with the life and Civil War career of a Confederate cavalryman, Albert G. Jenkins.

The biography of Jenkins was a culmination of his lifelong studies of the Civil War in and around of his hometown of Ceredo, West Virginia. Jenkins was a pro-south Congressman that formed his own independent ranger command to terrorize the Ohio Valley during the early months of the Civil War. After a year working as a partisan ranger, Jenkins was incorporated into the regular Confederate Army and went on the fight in some of the most memorable battles of the war. The big mystery of Jenkins’ military career is his participation in the Gettysburg campaign. Jenkins was out in front of the Confederates entering Pennsylvania, but the day of July 1, 1863, is shrouded in mystery for Jenkins and his command. The final stages of Jenkins’ life are truly some of the most mysterious of the war, and it is truly a “what might have been” story.

Serious Reading.com gave A West Virginia Rebel a 90/100 saying, “A West Virginia Rebel’ is definitely a must-read for readers who always want to explore new horizons in the history genre. Matthew A. Perry has thoroughly investigated all the events that took place in Jenkins’s life and penned down a book perfectly draped in the backdrop of West Virginia. Matthew A. Perry’s attempt to recreate history is surely worth reading for everyone who wants to know the ins and outs of Albert Jenkins’ life and the history of West Virginia, alongside the sectional conflict of the American civil war.”

Matthew has multiple book events coming up this winter; you can check out those events and any other news at his website. www.matthewaperrybooks.com

Matthew A. Perry


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