Threaten to Undo Us by Rose Seiler Scott

Threaten to Undo UsThreaten to Undo Us is the 2016 winner of the Word Guild Award 2016 historical fiction category.

“Allied forces are advancing. You are no longer under the protection of the German army. All German citizens of the Third Reich are to evacuate.”

At these words, Liesel and her young children are forced to flee their home. But losing the only home she has ever known is only the beginning. The brutal advance of Stalin’s forces into Poland results in a regime of terror and uncertainty, threatening to destroy Liesel’s family at every turn. Interrogated and imprisoned in a labour camp, her dream to re-unite with her husband and children seems impossible. Her only hope?  A dangerous gamble, buoyed by a sliver of faith.

Based on a true story, Threaten to Undo Us exposes shocking history in the shadow of World War Two.

Rose Seiler Scott


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