The Legend of Captain St. Pierre by Beth A. Freely

The Legend of Captain St. PierreThere is more to the legend than meets the eye. And not even the most notorious pirate could prepare for the truth. Twin sisters Igraine and Branwyn St. Pierre have been unwillingly perpetuating the legend of the infamous pirate Captain St. Pierre. Having lost their father, Benoit St. Pierre, at age sixteen, the sisters have been sailing the Spanish Main under the guidance of their guardian, Zachariah Hammond, a cruel man who has forced them to do his bidding.

The Legend of Captain St. Pierre is the first book of a planned trilogy delving into the life of sister’s Igraine and Branwyn St. Pierre. It is a fast-paced introduction to these two brave women, taking place during the 1700’s and the last days of piracy in the Spanish Main.

With rich detail and historical accuracy, The Legend of Captain St. Pierre weaves a tale not only of betrayal and deceit, but of love and a second chance at life.

Beth A. Freely


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