The Short Lives of Lobsters by “Nat Fladager”

The Short Lives of Lobsters200The Short Lives of Lobsters is a post-modernistic short love story. It is a devastatingly beautiful snippet of a man who loses his emotions and is left to live his life without what makes us the best of what we are and also the worst.

Tim is like anyone else, moderately ambitious, in a relationship, happy most of the time, satisfied to an extent with most of his days. Mainly, Tim is excited to get married to the girl of his dreams. But all of his sublime normalcy is suddenly and heartbreakingly taken away. Due to a freak accident, Tim awakes to a shell of himself, physically healthy and functional but depleted of any sentiment.

Time moves on and Tim’s life just passes him by, little bits of it falling and breaking while he stands by and watches carelessly. How could Tim care if he doesn’t know what caring feels like? And maybe it is for the best. In a way, isn’t it nice to not be restrained by our inaccurate brains and opinions, our sometimes outrageous and ever-expanding thoughts and desires? So many caveats to human nature.

Written in first person with a hands-on feel to one person’s tragic journey from man to robot, The Short Lives of Lobsters delves deeply into the social aspects of reality versus emotion and the delicate balance society struggles to keep.

Nat Fladager


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