Diabetes! A Lifetime Of Being Too Sweet – Book Review

This is not the first time Walt Crocker has made ripples in the literary world. Many know his humor and powerful writing style, which will become apparent to a new fan by reading just a few pages of his new book Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet. Walt Crocker has written several works of poetry, but is more commonly known for his best-selling books Out To Lunch, Beam Me Up Scottie, Bumshoes and Chromeboys, and Ya Who?

He has been living with type 1 diabetes for more than 45 years. He indulged in careless living habits until he had to pay for his carefree ways with poor health. In order to encourage others not to follow his example, he wrote Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet, to help them realize that diabetes diagnosis and testing is not a joke.

Diabetes! A Lifetime of Being Too Sweet is an informative account of how diabetes can affect a person’s life and how it can cause complications. The author has used real life experiences to stress the fact that testing and being diagnosed early can save lives. The author also hopes that one day there might be a cure for diabetes, but until that auspicious day, the only thing that can be done is to look ahead and prepare for the unfortunate eventuality that this disease can target anyone.

The readers will feel a heartfelt connection to the author, who has lived with this disease for as long as he can remember. His personal account about this deadly and sneaky disease is interesting, informative, and educating. His narrative about living successfully with diabetes is highlighted by the useful information about it as well as all his real life experiences and complications. For some readers, this might sound boring and dry, but the author’s impeccable story telling is what makes it a great read.

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